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Keeping you little one(s) closes is very cosy and lovely. For your baby and for you! On this page you will find the following information:

Why carrying your baby?

Sleeping baby in a woven wrap (carry: FWCC)

There is no safer or more comfortable place for you little baby than close to its parents. Carrying behaviour is normal for the human species; babies are born very vulnerable and unfinished. They are born with great needs, and are dependent on their primary caregivers. Holding and carrying babies recreates the intra-uterine environment of warmth and safety and containment and allows them to develop new skills from this platform of security. Babies need close contact, to be hold and interaction to built a connection. Carrying babies close to an adult’s body, whether in arms or carrier, is vital for normal physiological and psychological development. Research into the importance of skin to skin contact, soft touch and responsive parenting, as well as a better understanding of disability reinforces this.

The possitive effects of babywearing

  • It encourages bonding with the parent and helps to meets baby’s strong need for a sense of security and attachment, which will lead to greater confidence and independence later in life, as well as resilience and better long term physical health.
  • It helps babies feel safe and calm.
  • It assists with regulating temperature, heart and respiratory rates, and emotional and physical growth.
  • It promotes and encourages the establishment of a successful breastfeeding relationship.
  • It reduces crying, eases the discomfort of reflux and makes colic more manageable. I also can improve sleep.
  • It improves the physical health by supporting a correct position of the hips, the spread-squat position. It allows the vestibular balance apparatus to develop more rapidly and enhances neuromotor development and muscle strength. It improves neck and head control, but is not a substitute for “tummy-time”.
  • Babies can learn very easily from a place of consistent safety.
  • It is believed to encourage sociability and language development; being able to hear the parent’s voice close up and watch their interactions with the world and other people from a higher vantage point is beneficial and also aids formation of family relationships.
  • It allows baby to retreat from an overwhelming world and snuggle into the parent’s body for respite when needed.
  • It reduces “flat-head-syndrome”.

Jannicke, Bundeltje Liefde

Families flourish when the needs of all its members are met

Positive effects on the parents

Adults need loving contact too; and a child who calms when comforted in their arms or a sling provides positive reinforcement that parenting is manageable after all. Many parents find that babywearing can help with low mood and improve their confidence, as well as giving them freedom to get on with their lives in the societal constraints in which they live.

  • It encourages bonding and deepening of a loving relationship.
  • It can increase parental confidence. The parent may be more “in tune” with their baby, as the carried child is part of the parent’s personal space, and the parent will be more aware of changes in a child’s mood, and thus be more able to respond to the child’s facial expressions, gestures and vocalised needs sooner. This will build mutual trust and contentment.
  • There is evidence to suggest that babywearing can help with perinatal mood disorders.
  • Fathers and other care-givers will be able to use a carrier as well, increasing family connections and helping baby recognise more people by their voices and scent. 
  • You have your hands free! This can be very useful doing household tasks, taking care of other kid(s) or getting around and out of the house.
  • Public transport and crowded areas are easily accessible with a baby in a carrier, compared to the use of a stroller.

Wearing ergonomically and safe

To foresee in a healthy development and growth of the baby, it is very important to make sure to meet the requirements below:

  • Use a good, correctly fitting carrier
  • Upright position (not horizontal)
  • Soft, moldable back panel, which allows for a C-shaped back of the baby. The back panel should be high enough to support back, shoulders and neck.
  • Legs should be supported from knee-to-knee in a spread-squat (also called M shape) position. Where knees are higher than the bum, which lookes like a J shape from the side. See picture below.
  • Legs should be out of the carrier.
  • Baby as close to you chin as comfortable, close enough to kiss on the head when tipping your head.
  • Carrier should be tight enough to hug your baby close to you. Any slack or loose fabric will allow the baby to slump down into the carrier. This can hinder baby’s breathing and pull on your back.
  • Make sure there is room to breathe and allow for fresh air. Your baby should be visable at all times.
  • To ensure comfortable wearing of the baby for the one wearing, make sure the carrier is good and evenly tightened.
Photo of Je Porte Mon Bebe, perfectly shows the correct posture of baby’s hips and bend spine

A babywearing consultation

Let me start with the fact that everyone is able to wear their kid(s)! In practice we see that with personal face to face explanation and support wearing is easier and more comfortable, compared to learning from leaflets or movies. Often it works best to learn a certain way of carrying with step-by-step explanation and personal support in such a manner it supports your way of learning.

The main goal of a consultation is to ensure you are confident to carry your loved one(s) in a safe, secure and comfortable way. Since everyone is different and wants to carry in a different way, a consultation is very personal. It fits your needs and skills, the age and development of your baby and you will certainly learn a lot form it! With a simple sleight of hand or trick, you can hugely improve your technique!

During the consultation, we practice with a special weighted doll as long a you need. This ensures a safe way to practice, experiment and become familiar with the carrying technique or carrier. Of course we will practice with your baby too, as soon as you are confident and ready.

In advance

Prior to the consultation we already are in contact. I’m very curious about your expectations and what you would like to learn and gain from our appointment. I will ask several questions. With what type of carrier do you want to carry? What size of clothing does your baby wear? Are there any specialties with you or your baby which I should know of? With all this information I can optimally prepare for our appointment to get the most out of it.

During the consultation

To ensure you can focus completely on the consultation, it can be quite convenient to have a babysitter present for your baby or other kid(s).

To ensure the quality of my products I ask you to not smoke before or during the consultation. In the case you have pets, please inform me beforehand. Other customers might have allergies.


At the end of the consultation you are full of trust to carry your baby in a good and correct way. In case you still are in doubt or have questions, you can contact me or send pictures to help you via Whatsapp or e-mail.

Rent a carrier or wrap

With Bundeltje Liefde it is possible to rent a carrier after a consultation.

The costs are €7,50 per week per carrier, for a maximum of 2 weeks. A refundable security deposit applies of €75,- per rented carrier. The invoice with the rent and security deposit needs to be paid the same day. When you do not need the carrier anymore, you return is to me. I check whether there is some damage to the carrier. When the carrier is fine, the security deposit will be refunded. Here you can find the terms and conditions applicable when renting a carrier: Terms and conditions (under construction)


Since every question about babywearing is different, every consultation is different. Therefor I work with a price per 15 minutes. During our communication about the consultation I can give you an estimate of the time needed. This rate also applies for consultation with a second person involved (partner, friend, caretaker, etc). Please contact me for more information and possibilities.

Since only after the consultation, I know the exact time needed for you, I will send the invoice with the costs and travelling expenses (if applicable). The invoice needs to be paid within 7 days.

Price consultation: €12,50 per 15 minutes

Travelling expenses:  A distance of 15 km one-way (shortest route Google Maps) is included in the price. On the kilometers above the 15 km one-way €0,19 per km will be charged. Alongside Ede, Wageningen, Veenendaal and Renkum all are situated within these 15 km.

Workshop: A consultation with three or more adults is a workshop. Different prices apply. Also fun to do with friends or during a babyshower! Please contact me for more information and possibilities.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions apply to all events and activities concerning babywearing. The terms and conditions for babywearing you can find here: Terms and conditions


For the babywearing consultations I dispose of a large variety of carriers. Both wraps (woven and stretchy wraps), ringslings, mei tais as carriers with buckles. My collection consists of carriers from the following brands: 
Boba, Babylonia, Didymos, Fidella, Hoppediz, Integra, Isara, Kokadi, Limas, Manduca, Marsupi, Minimonkey, Oscha, PinkNova, Pure Baby Love, Rose & Rebellion, Smallvips, Storchenwiege en Tula

In the case you want to try a different type of carrier which I do not have, please let me know! With the help of my contacts I might be able to borrow it for consultation!