About Bundeltje Liefde

Jannicke Sijbrandij with son, photo made by JORNB Photography

I am Jannicke. Together with my husband Fedde and our sons Melle (sept ’17) and Kasper (sept ’19) we live in Ede. Originally I’m from the south of the Netherlands, I was born in Roermond.

A dear friend of mine was wearing her little baby in a beautiful woven wrap. It was the first time I came accross babywearing and it looked to peaceful and lovingly! After birth, a baby suddenly comes into a large and different world. How nice is it, to explore this new place with all its new stimuli from the safest place there is: from mom’s, dad’s or other caretaker’s chest and arms!

When we were pregnant of Melle, we did the HypnoBirthing® pregnancy course. During this course, babywearing was named and Fedde and I thought it would be a very cosy and beautiful way to stay close to our little boy. And how we loved it! Melle obviously liked it, since he relaxed being in the wrap and fell asleep. It is very snug, we were able to keep an eye on him, and it really calmed him. On top of that, we found it very convenient: we had our hands free! It is also al very good way to leave the house together. You have your precious little baby close to you!

I decided to study for Babywearing consultant, since I loved to support and help others to experience the same! I followed the education at Die Trageschule.

In September 2018 I started the education for becoming am HypnoBirthing® practitioner. We ourselves have had a lot of benefits from following this pregnancy course, and I loved to offer this to other parents (to be)! You will learn everything to give birth relaxed and with confidence. Nature has designed it perfectly!

Do you want to wear your baby? Or do you want to have trust and confidence in a relaxed birth? I would love to support you!