Birth Doula support

Due to my own pregnancy, I will not be available for doula support for a longer period of time. As soon as I will be back as a doula (2025 earliest), it will be notified here.

On this page you will find information about what I could offer you as a doula. If you have questions, please feel free to call/e-mail me!

What does a doula do?

As a doula, I am here to support you and your partner during pregnancy, birth and post partum. With what comes on your path, with you specific wishes and circumstances.

During the prenatal sessions we get to know each other, we talk about how you are doing and what you need to physically and mentally prepare for the meeting with your baby. Depending on your needs, we will spend time on physiology of the body, pregnancy and birth work, and how we can influence this. Exploring options to relax, for you and your partner. It is also helpful to grow towards a (more) positive mindset, and we will work on that as well. With information, tools, exercises, and what not. I can share my knowledge and tools from HypnoBirthing®, Spinning Babies®, Body Ready Method®, and more. During the pregnancy you can contact me always if there are questions or you need someone to talk to.

From the moment you want me there, I will be there during the birthing process. I will be there untill approx 2-3h after the baby is born. I support both mom and partner unconditionally, in ways we discussed prenatally and depending on your needs at the moment. I follow your flow, am calmly present. If you want me to, I can think with you about what comes up and pop something from my tools. But it is always up to you. I can support you in the communication with your careprovider, and if necessary with translating. It is also possible for me to take pictures during the birth process,

After the birth I am still there for you. You may always contact me and we will see each other too! It is amazing to see you with your baby, and to talk about your experience and how you are doing.

What I am and what not

You mom, are the key, the queen, the one in charge. Together with your partner, the birth is your celebration of life together! Your partner is essential in this process, to feel safe, loved and supported. As a doula, I am an addition to the birth team. I am not able to decide for you, but I am more than happy to support you, think with you, give infomation, share tools, so you are able to choose your next step. You are in charge. I can help you stay in charge of your process.

I am not a guarantee the birth will unfold as you dreamed of. I will do my best to support you. And the power lies in the preparation. We will do that together.

But, first things first: initial interview

Our first meeting is a way to get to know each other a little, of no cost to you without obligation. We meet so you can ask me questions, I can learn about your needs, to get a feel for each other so that you can decide if you truly want a doula. And if I am the right doula for you. After this appointment we both take some time to think before deciding.

Doula package, costs and subscription

The standard Doula package costs €1450,-. This includes:

  • An initial interview to get to know each other.
  • 3 meetings prenatally of each 2-2,5h.
  • Unlimited support via app/phone/e-mail during pregnancy in between meetings.
  • Support with creating your birth plan.
  • If applicable, we will have another appointment with 41wks pregnancy.
  • From week 37 on I will be 24/7 on call for the birth. I will attend the birth from the moment you want me there, for as long as the process takes, until aprox 2-3h after birth. If desired, I can take photos.
  • Use of birth ball, peanut and CUB.
  • A (short) visit in the first week after birth.
  • An meeting approx 4-6 weeks after birth.
  • Up until 6 weeks after birth, unlimited support via app/phone/e-mail.

How the support looks, is fully up to you. That is why it is also possible to create an individual package. Payment normally is in three terms (term 1 after signing the agreement, term 2 before 37wk, term 3 before 6wks after birth). Please feel free to contact me to discuss your wishes.


  • Extra meetings are possible, cost 50 euro per hour.
  • Travelling costs €0,40 per km for the kilometers above 15km per single per meeting.
  • Parking costs if applicable.

Do you want to plan an appointment to ask questions and get to know each other without obligation? Please feel free fill out the contact form below! I will contact you via phone within 4 days after recieving your details, to discuss your needs and plan a meeting if desired.