Terms and conditions HypnoBirthing® course

Here you will find the terms and conditions which apply for taking a Hypnobirthing® course with Bundeltje Liefde.

General terms and conditions

  • The terms and conditions aplly for all HypnoBirthing® courses from Bundeltje Liefde.
  • The course meets the criteria determined by the Mongan Method HypnoBirthing® Institute.
  • The teacher is a member of HypnoBirthing Nederland.
  • What is meant with student is the pregnant woman and her birth companion.
  • With birth companion we mean the person supporting the pregnant mother. Most of the time this is the partner, father of the baby, but can also be a friend, mother, sister or doula.
  • The HypnoBirthing® cursus is a course preparing for giving birth.

The course

  • The course is given in groups of a minimum 3 and a maximum of 7 pregnant couples (pregnant woman and birth companion).
  • The course consists of 5 lessons of 2,5 hours. 15 minutes before the start of the lesson, coffee and thee will be provided to settle down and talk with fellow students.
  • On www.bundeltjeliefde.nl the planning of the courses can be found. These data are subject to reservations of sufficient subscriptions. When there are too few subscriptions, the course can be cancelled or data can be changed. Students will be notified when such a situations might occur.
  • When the student does not recieve any message, the course will take place on the data agreed v.


  • Subscription for the course occurs via the subscription form on the website.
  • After recieving the digital subscription, the student will recieve a confirmation via the given email address within 4 working days.
  • This email states practical information about the course and the invoice is attached to the email.
  • When the student does not recieve a confirmation email within 4 working days, we kindly ask the student to contact Bundeltje Liefde via email or phone. Please check your spam box.
  • Subscriptions will be processed in order of entry.
  • When the student cannot participate in the desired course, we will get in touch as soon as possible to search for a suitable solution.
  • When no suitable alternative can be found, subscription will decline.


  • All correspondence is via email. In the case of changing email address, please contact Bundeltje Liefde via info@bundeltjeliefde.nl as soon as possible.
  • When a student is not able to participate in a planned lesson of the course, this lesson can be catched up at another location or course in the future. The student will discuss this. It should be taken into account that there needs to be room in that location. Course fee will not be refunded because of missed lessons.


  • Bundeltje Liefde is in no way responsible for damage to and/or loss of personal items which are taken to the course by the students, or damage or injury arisen during or after following of the course.

Medical condition of the student

  • The student should assess herself whether participating in this course is possible. Bundeltje Liefde is in no way responsible for discomfort or disease caused by the medical condition of the student. Although Bundeltje Liefde takes the greatest care, participating in this course is at your own risk.


  • After subscription, the student recieves a confirmation email including an invoice. After subscribing paying is mandatory. The invoice should be payed within 7 days after recieving the invoice. When subscription is late, payment should be done before the start of the course.
  • The student is assured of a place in the course after recieving the course fee.
  • Some health insurers compensate (part of) the course fee. The hight of the compensation depends on the health insurer and type of insurance. They mostly compensate only after the complete course is finished. Please inform hour health insurer for more information. The responsibility for applying for compensation lies with the student.

Cancellation by the student

  • When the student is not able to participate in the course due to any circumstances, Bundeltje Liefde should be contacted immediately.
  • When cancelled at least 2 weeks prior to start of the course, €25,- administration fee will be charged. This will be substracted from the payed course fee. The remaining amount will be returned. Cancellation from two weeks to one week prior to start of the course, 50% of the course fee is owed. Thereafter the complete course fee is owed.
  • When the student already recieved the HypnoBirthing Book and MP3’s, those cannot be returned. €50,- will be substracted from the to be returned fee.
  • Full return of the course fee will only be applicable when: Student gives birth before start of the course or when there are medical reason to not participate in the HypnoBirthing course (statement from doctor or midwife is mandatory).

Cancellation by Bundeltje Liefde

  • Bundeltje Liefde reserves the right to cancel the course or change the dates of the course when insufficient subscribers or in the case of a situation beyond control. The students will be notified of such a situation. The payed course fee will be refunded in this case, or held in depot for an upcoming course.
  • When Jannicke Sijbrandij might be indisposed, another HypnoBirthing teacher might take over the lesson. When a lesson will not go through due to illness or beyond control, Bundeltje Liefde will take care of another moment for the lesson to take place. Bundeltje Liefde will do its outmost best to make sure the student will follow lesson of the course on another date or location.


Bundeltje Liefde will treat the information provided by the student confidentially.


The course fee can be found on the website www.bundeltjeliefde.nl and can be retrieved at Bundeltje Liefde. The responsibility for compensation from the health insurer lies with the student.


A complaint can be admitted in writing by the student to Bundeltje Liefde.

Terms and conditions are established by Bundeltje Liefde
Updated on 15-5-2019